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How to Find Flats for rent in Abuja

How to Find Flats for rent in Abuja

How to Find Flats for rent in Abuja


Today we are going to talk about flats for rent in Abuja and we hope
that after reading this content, you are going to be able to have
several options when it comes to looking for a suitable apartment in
Abuja. As you may know, Abuja is one of the major metropolitan
cities of Nigeria. It is the federal capital territory and home to a lot of
high-ranking individuals.

The city of Abuja was planned back in the 1980s and that is before it
was declared the federal capital territory on December 12, 1991,
after Lagos.

Talking about metropolitan cities, Abuja is one of the mildly
populated cities of Nigeria. This was highlighted in the 2006
population census conducted by the then General Obasanjo.

On average, apartments for rent in Abuja are priced over NGN 1.7
Million and just if you are interested in knowing what it costs to live
in Abuja’s most expensive flat, it’ll cost you about NGN 13 Million per
annum. The cheapest flats for rent in Abuja are found on the
outskirts of the city.

The outskirts of the city denote apartments located off satellite
points of the city.

How to Find Flats for rent In Abuja

There are many effective ways to find flats for rent in Abuja. These
we shall discuss below!

Registered Real Estate Agents

To find flats for rent in Abuja, it is compulsory to know one or 2
registered real estate agents.

A Real Estate Agent is a professional, probably member of a
regulated council or someone with vast knowledge of the city that
has an accurate knowledge of where vacant houses are located,
how much they’re priced, the contact details of the real estate
company in charge of leasing these vacant properties.

In most cases, apartments for rent in Abuja are advertised by real
estate firms, these real estate firms act on behalf of the property
owners on a contract basis and are often paid a certain percentage
of the cash you pay for the apartment, monthly fee, etc.

Sometimes, these Real estate agents may require you register so
they could have you on their database just incase something comes

Ensure you make your needs known to these agents as they are well
aware of where good, cheap and affordable properties or flats are
located in Abuja

Aside from contacting a real estate agent, it is possible to find
available flats for rent in Abuja by using real estate classified
websites. Let us see what it means to search for flats for rent in
Abuja using real estate classified websites below!

Real Estate Classified Websites

These are websites dedicated to helping you find vacant
apartments in your city.On Classified real estate websites, one
could register and get notifications whenever there is an available
flat for rent In Abuja.

There are many real estates classified websites in Nigeria. These
include Fortunehill Homes, Jiji, Nigerian Property Centre, etc. but
today we are focusing so much on Fortunehill Homes since you are

If you live in Abuja or just got into the city and are in search of a good
flat to rent here in Abuja, all you have to do is visit.

On fortune hill homes real estates website, you could enter your city
using the search feature

This should be Abuja since you are looking for a flat for rent in Abuja.
This helps showcase all available flats for rent in Abuja
As the list of vacant flats loads on your screen, you can further
tweak the cost feature to match your budget, Number of rooms,
number of baths, etc.

Having found a desired flat of your choice, the next step would be to
contact the agent or property owner using the contact detail on

Remember to refer to the safety tips section to keep yourself
updated with the current rules when visiting a property agent or
owner as Fortunehill Real estate is not to be held accountable for
your safety.

Word Of Mouth Method
Another way to find a flat for rent in Abuja is to the Word of mouth
method. In the word of mouth method, you probably ask those you
meet around the city for any vacant apartments available for rent
around their vicinity. This is often fast and beneficial since you’ll be
getting different information regarding the property.

Searching for flats for rent in Abuja through this method would help
you make a quick choice because as always, Nigerians are very
friendly and would go an extra mile to ensure a stranger gets the
right information especially when it comes to renting an apartment.
So these are the 3 best and most effective ways to find flats for
rent in Abuja.

Conclusion: Best way to Find Flats
for Rent in Abuja

On this page, you have learnt the best and most efficient ways to
find flats for rent in the city of Abuja. Discussed on this page was a
brief history of Abuja as one of the many metropolitan cities in
Nigeria. We also highlighted the various ways through which you
could locate good and affordable flats for rent in Abuja. we hope this post serves your needs and serves as a reference when making search for flats anywhere in Nigeria

Do not forget to recommend us to your friends as this is the best
place to find the best, cheapest fortune homes for you and your

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