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How to Find Flats for Rent In Lagos

How to Find Flats for Rent In Lagos

How to Find Flats for Rent In Lagos


Lagos remains the busiest city in the entire federation. It was the former capital territory but lost its status in 1991 after Abuja was declared the new administrative city of the nation. Being such a great city as it is, it is known to be the most populous city a d home point to all and sundry. With this status, it is therefore easy to assume finding 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Lagos would pose a herculean task. Well, for newbies, this is yes. But if you knew where to look or how to go about the process, you’ll understand finding your desired apartment is easier than you’d ever expected and this is what we’re here to highlight here in this content today. Remember that as large as Lagos is, it is home to the good, the bad, and the ugly. So it’ll do you a lot of help to pay more than usual attention as we digest everything that will make it easy for you to find 2 bedroom flats for rent in Lagos city. Well, because the city is large, it is important to put a few things into consideration before paying for any apartments in Lagos. These Factors we will discuss below 


Factors to consider before renting a 2 bedroom flat in Lagos state.  


1. Your pocket; call it your budget, call it your income, but I must make it clear that finding your next 2 bedroom flat in Lagos state is easier than you’d expect but the amount of money in your pocket would determine where you’re going to find this apartment.  


2. Proximity: after determining your budget, the next thing you may want to put into consideration is the closeness of the said apartment to your place of work, office, or business place. This is because it’s not always advisable to rent an apartment in Lekki (Island) while your office or place of work is on the mainland. Making such a decision would cause you more discomfort.  


3. Security: Before paying for that 2 bedroom flat you found on that vacant list, take a few moments and make security-related inquiries. This is to ensure you’re not buying trouble with your money. Ask if the area is safe for yourself and those you’re bringing along with you. Ask about the environment, ask about flood because Lagos city has become very peculiar with flood especially the Lekki area that is close to the sea.  


4. Check the metering device: Yes, according to Richard Nwachukwu in his recent post Titled “Ensure you check the metering device and its readings to avoid paying electricity bills you never consumed, it was realized that a lot of properties are abandoned by their former occupants because the bills were becoming too much.  

5. Study the Terrain: Buildings located in rough terrains or unnecessarily low areas are often found to be affected by flooding when the rainy reason returns! Now let’s see how to locate 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Lagos. How to find 2 Bedroom flat for Rent in Lagos There are w exceptional ways to find that apartment you desire even in this highly populated Lagos city. These we’re going you highlight in the paragraphs below 


Contact a reliable real estate agent  

On a previous post, fortunehill real estate did mention contacting real estate agents as one of the best ways to find flats for rent in Abuja. Well, the same principle does apply in this case. 

To find a good 2 bedroom flat for rent in Lagos city, you may want to contact a registered real estate agent or agency. These agents make it easy to find that apartment without wasting time.  

One thing you must be cautious about is falling into the hands of fraudulent charlatans who would keep asking for registration fees, ask you to pay for transportation and keep your spending without actually working hard to ensure you get what you’re looking for.  

Real estate agents are professionals who have been granted permission to source for people to occupy certain buildings, flats, rooms, etc.  

They’re in most cases real estate developers who rent out these apartments on behalf of the original owners, they could be caretakers too but the main thing is that a real estate agent makes the work is searching for a 2 bedroom flat for rent in Lagos city easy for you.  

Online Approach  

It is also possible to find 2 bedroom flats for rent in Lagos through the online Approach. This involves using classified ads websites that specialize in locating properties with vacant flats and making these open for all to see using the internet. Using the online Approach might be a bit scary for you if you’re not so good at the use of the internet but I’ll explain a few ways to find that apartment without your fears getting to you.  

How to find your 2 Bedroom Flat for rent in Lagos using FortuneHill Real Estate Website.  

FortuneHill Homes real estate website is a platform designed to enable every Nigerian to find their desired apartment at their comfort spot. This means you don’t even have to move an inch except of course you’ll need to schedule a property inspection after successfully locating a property that meets your budget and needs So how can you find 2 bedroom flat for rent in Lagos using FortuneHill Homes website ?  

  • 2. On the home page, you’ll find the property search tool.  

3. Enter Your Preferred City in Lagos (Lekki, Victoria Island, Badagry, etc) 

4. Click on Bed room to Choose number of rooms 

5. Click on Property Location to Chose where you'd like this property to be located 

6. Hit the search button  


Now after the search results, you should be able to use the filter tool to highlight your budget and type of apartment (2Bedroom flats)  

As you do all that has been described above, you should have a list of 2 bedroom flats available for rent in Lagos city.  

To find more affordable 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Lagos city, use the filter tool and adjust the price meter to the amount that suits your pocket.  

Now that you’ve successfully found the list of 2 bedroom flats for rent in Lagos, ensure you contact the agent or realtor whose name and contact is attached to the property to arrange a meeting, house inspection.  

Ensure you don’t go alone and if you must meet, do so in an open place for your safety.  


Conclusion: How to find 2 bedroom flat for rent in Lagos city.  


From this page, we’ve learned how to find good apartments for rent in Lagos. We also highlighted some factors you must consider when renting an apartment in Lagos as well as listed FortuneHill Homes website as one of the most powerful tools to help you find an apartment for rent in Lagos without stepping outside your home. It was also recommended that you schedule a property inspection and meet the listed agent in an open place for your safety. Please remember to check out the other post on finding flats for rent in Abuja. Remember our other content on How 3D Printing Works 

Hope this serves your needs 

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