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What do I dislike about Brampton?

What do I dislike about Brampton? I dislike many things to be completely honest! For one, it’s too brown! I am also brown so don’t comment that I am being racist! It’s basically mini India. Don’t get me wrong, I like brown people, but when you go outside and 4/5 houses have brown people living in

Waste And Garbage Removal Company In Markham, ON

We at Metropolitan Junk Markham basically do everything to be able to remove your junks without any hassle on your part. Our team will do all the sorting, lifting, loading and hauling for you. When you partner with Metropolitan Junk Markham you will immediately get an instant and free quote from us. We assure you that there are no

How do people afford to live in Toronto?

I’ve been here since February 2018, and in my opinion it’s a matter of what “living in Toronto” means for you. You can afford to live here, if you’re not in the “downtown core.” Construction in etobicoke The vast majority of people outside of the small “downtown core” aren’t yuppies, who are pretty much concentrated