What do I dislike about Brampton?

What do I dislike about Brampton?

I dislike many things to be completely honest!

For one, it’s too brown! I am also brown so don’t comment that I am being racist! It’s basically mini India. Don’t get me wrong, I like brown people, but when you go outside and 4/5 houses have brown people living in them, it sometimes gets annoying! Also, most brown people are old fashioned and don’t like to talk to their naighbours. This makes it feel very isolated, except if you go to school or work.

Another reason is that it is too crowded. A lot of streets have traffic on them in the middle of the night! IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! Imagine rush hour. Also, the construction on every other street doesn’t make life easier. My school is about 2 km away. It takes me about 10 mins to get there by car wheny dad drops me off. When I ride my bicycle to school, it also takes my 10 mins!!! There’s a problem when you take the same amount of time by car and by bicycle to get to the same place since cars are much faster.

Brampton is a great place and I love living here, but in the future, I would probably go near the edges of Brampton where there is less traffic and less brown people.

If you are someone who likes living amongst a lot of brown people and don’t mind waiting in a little bit of traffic, then Brampton is fine for you.

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