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How to Find Houses for Sale in Nigeria?

As an Investor, even when you have the financial means and the willing, another thing that might pose a challenge would be finding houses for sale in Nigeria. This post would help you understand the simple steps to finding the next house for sale in Nigeria and how you could...


How Does 3D Printing Work?

Technology is no respecter of Mankind. This is why it'll always innovate no matter what it takes. This is a time and era when the world is just a few steps away from another industrial revolution and this time, we might be saying a lot of goodbyes to things we...


How to Find Flats for Rent In Lagos

This clearly explains the simple and easy steps to help you find a good flat for rent in Abuja especially if you are a new person in the city with no idea on where to start searching for apartments for rent!


How to Find Flats for Rent in Nigeria

One of the hardest thing for most people is looking for a new flat to move into especially when you are a few days off your next rent and you really do not like the environment anymore. Well, this must be the best guide on how to find flats for...


Things to Look Out for When Buying Luxury Houses in Lagos City

Here is a list of Things to Look Out for When Buying Luxury Houses in Lagos City. It is important to make a mental note of the items listed on this page as a single mistake could prove to be a colossal damage at a later time. Learn and share...


How to Easily Put my 2 Bedroom Flat for Rent in Surulere Lagos

Surulere is a very big city in Lagos state. It is home to a lot of famous Nigerians as well as host to a lot of good companies and hostels. As a real estate developer, it is often hard finding an easy way to Put my 2 Bedroom Flat for...


How to Find Cheap Houses for sale in Banana Island

Banana Island remains One of the most high end neighborhoods of Lagos state. This is probably due to the fact that properties in this area are owned by the Rich and Affluent. it is not surprising to say there are cheap houses for sale or rent in Banana Island. This...


These are 10 Best Real Estate Companies In Lagos City

Are you looking for the best real estate companies in Lagos to manage, develop your properties? Maybe you are looking for a flat for rent and would like get the best recommendations from the very best real estate companies in the city. Then this post should show you the complete...


What's the difference between Leasehold and freehold?

Truth is, there are many investors that do not understand the type of ownership agreement they are signing when buying a real estate Property in Nigeria. This is why this post explains the difference between leasehold and freehold so you understand before you pay and sign that document


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