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How to Easily Put my 2 Bedroom Flat for Rent in Surulere Lagos

How to Easily Put my 2 Bedroom Flat for Rent in Surulere Lagos

How to Easily Put my 2 Bedroom Flat for Rent in Surulere Lagos



Are you interested in knowing how to easily put your 2 bedrooms flat for rent in Surulere Lagos? If yes then you just got on the right page.

Surulere is a very lively area located on Ojuelegba Road.

In this area, you will find a lot of cocktail bars, beer parlors, and pulsing clubs. On the street of Surulere, you will come across food sellers, suya sellers, boutiques, leisure houses, and more.

It is a very busy area where you can rent a 2 bedroom flat and enjoy your stay. Because of how busy it is, it is definitely a good area to start up a small business. 


How to Easily Put your 2 Bedroom Flat for Rent in Surulere Lagos


Today, you are going to learn how to put your 2 bedrooms flat for rent as well as other important things you must know about renting a flat in Lagos. So below are the two major ways to put your flat for rent;


Contact a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent will bring your apartment to the faces of your potential clients. There are a lot of real estate agencies in the neighborhood of Suruler, Lagos. You can locate them online.

With a real estate agent, you don’t have to deal directly with the owners of the house because they serve as middlemen. Their job is bringing clients to the house owners.

Meanwhile, before choosing an agent you need to make your research to know if they are reliable.


Use Online Real Estate Sales and Rental Platforms

These platforms are widely used by those who want to sell or rent properties. They are beneficial to customers because they offer features that save customers the time to search for a property.

Meanwhile, they also serve as a great place to put your house for rent. These platforms provide a space to post photos and videos, as well as a detailed description of the house or apartment, or flat you wish to put out for rent.

A good example of such a platform is the fortune hill homes real estate website. See more about the website below.


How to Easily Put my 2 Bedroom Flat for Rent in Surulere Lagos (On Fortune Hill Homes Real Estate Website)


Fortune Hill homes is one of the best real estate websites in Nigeria where you can put your apartment up for rent or sale.

With this website, your potential clients can easily locate you because of its search feature that allows users to filter based on location, budget, type, and more.

In other to put your flat up for rent on this platform, follow the steps below;

Visit the website homepage.

Navigate to the contact us/advertise with us section.

Click on it and fill in the important details like your email address, name, message, among others.


Send your request and wait for a response in less than 24hrs.


Best Practices to Put your Flat for Rent Online

Searching for the ideal property on the internet is already a very common practice among people who want to buy or rent. 

Therefore, you need to be aware of the requirements and know the best practices on how to advertise flats for rent;


Produce Good Quality Photos and Videos

Images are essential to accurately display the property that is for rent. In fact, it will determine whether the client will be interested in the property or not. So, do your best and take advantage of this feature, especially if the location contributes to it.

Remembering that the photos must be of excellent quality and high resolution, they must be clear and very well focused so that there is no doubt about the characteristics of the place. 

Photos that have the 360º feature are excellent, as they allow the client to have an overview of the space.

Meanwhile, you should take note of the following below:

Clean the flat

Take a photograph of the flat on sunny days so that the location is favored by the light;

Show all rooms in the flat;

Make sure everything is very clean and organized.

Remember that the purpose of photos and videos is to enhance the place, so it must be clean and organized to win over the customer.


Describe the Flat Objectively and Completely

A good description of the 2 Bedroom Flat will catch a visitor's attention. So, ensure that you capture customers with tips such as:

Avoid long texts - Taking a potential customer's time with unnecessary information can tire them and make them search another site or page;


Insert relevant information in the content - Although large texts are boring but omitting important information can compromise the image of the seller and place;


Give complete information: However, stick to what is necessary for the customer;


Describe the property using your creativity - For example, highlight the important aspects, such as rich commerce, quiet neighborhood, the safety of the location, ease of transport, among others;


Offer a Fair Price

It is useless to have a property with all the features that attract customers if the price is not compatible with the market.

The first thing to do when setting your rental price is to compare the price with other property listings of the same level. 

In some cases, it is worth lowering the value a little and getting ahead when renting. Also, consider your needs so that you don’t end up underpricing.


Be Open to Negotiation

Negotiation can often be a good strategy to secure a good deal, so be open to conversation, whether it's about deadlines, guarantees, and other issues.



There are two major ways of putting your house up for rent in Lagos, Nigeria which include; Using Real estate agents and online real estate websites like the

Now that you know how to easily put your 2 bedrooms flat for rent in Surulere, Lagos. 

You should share this article online so that it can reach other people who might also be searching for this information.

Also, don't forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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