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These are 10 Best Real Estate Companies In Lagos City

These are 10 Best Real Estate Companies In Lagos City

These are 10 Best Real Estate Companies In Lagos City


Real estate companies in Nigeria and across the globe are known to be a vital industry that plays a major role in the attraction of investment and realignment of the economy for continuous growth and development.

Most real estate companies are established solely for the purpose of making a profit, however, some real estate companies are dedicated to ordering solutions to the housing shortage problems faced by Nigerians through strategic innovations.

These real estate firms are not just interested in making profits for themselves or selling or leasing properties, their major objectives are to fulfil dreams and build realities.

Below is a comprehensive list of the best real estate companies in Lagos State, Nigeria arranged in no particular order.

Best Real Estate Companies in Lagos State

In this section, we shall be talking about the 10 most preferred real estate companies in Nigeria. I think it would be beneficial to pay more than usual attention as the list unfolds.


1. Crystal Tee Square

Crystal Tee Square is a company in Lagos that focuses on real estate development and management and lots of other services.

Its headquarters is situated in Ikeja, the capital of Lagos State and the company is recognized for the provision of various services to lots of clients. Their services include property development, estate brokerage, renovation, property management and land property sales.

2. Country Hill

Country Hill is a real estate company that is situated in Ikeja, the capital of Lagos State. Country Hill provides luxury and affordable real estate services with platforms that offer returns on investment to clients and customers.

The company is being managed by Wale Oshinaike and it offers affordable housing for the interest of all partners and stakeholders. The company has properties and estates in Lagos State and Oyo State respectively.

3. Zylus Group International

Zylus Group International is headed by Oluwatosin Olatujoye who is a well-known entrepreneur and well recognized in the real estate business. The company is a fast-rising real estate business based in Lagos State.

4. Cadwell Limited

Cadwell Limited is a well known real estate firm, they have been operating for over two decades now. They are known to be one of the Nigerians top real estate companies.

Cadwell Limited is also known to be involved mostly with high-end clients and they deal mainly in real estate development, facility maintenance and marketing of real estate projects. 

5. Prime Water View Limited

Prime Water View Limited (PMV) is a popular property development firm in the luxury property development industry in the Lagos real estate market.

Prime Water View Limited deals mainly on developing residential property for clients and they focus mainly on highly populated areas in Nigeria, Lagos State to be precise in locations such as  Ikoyi, Victoria Island and the developing Lekki Peninsula.

6. Primrose Development Company 

Primrose Development Company (PDC) is a real estate company that deals mainly in property development. The property development company is well known and was founded about thirty years ago. 

7. Redbrick Homes International Limited

Redbrick Homes International Limited is an innovative firm that has gotten the attention of some of the best real estate and construction experts in Nigeria.

Redbrick Homes International Limited is an independent real estate firm and they are also the owners of the popular Amen Estate. 

They have the best team of architects, engineers, realtors and interior designers who are very committed to offering clients and partners quality and nobility in estate living.

Redbrick Homes International Limited offers modern and innovative architecture and design that matches today's real estate demands.

8. Adron Homes and Property 

Adron Homes and Property is a very popular real estate firm and they are known to be one of the most reliable real estate firms not just in Lagos but in Nigeria due to its success story in the real estate sector. Their major objective is to provide property management and housing for every class of person in society. 

Their properties, estates, lands and various states in Nigeria such as Lagos, Abuja, Ogun and other states. 

9. Sterling Homes

Sterling Homes is a real estate firm that focuses mainly on the building and management of properties. They are based in Lagos and own various properties in Lagos areas such as Lekki, Mowe, Ijede and Agbowa. 

Sterling Homes offer lands and housing schemes in various places in Lagos and other states.

10. Property Link Real Estate Investment 

Property Link real estate is an international real estate firm that is not only based in Lagos, Nigeria but also based in Dubai, the USA, the United Kingdom and other countries. They specialize in offering real estate financial and legal advice, rental, property management, sales and development of properties. 


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